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About Certification Classes
For students who love water, children and are seeking employment as an assistant swim instructor or Lifeguard. These courses are designed to teach the necessary skills to become a Water Safety Assistant or Certified Lifeguard.

Featured Courses

  • American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Classes

    No age requirement, however, student must be able to perform successful compressions (2 inches in depth) on an adult manikin. Come learn from some of the best instructors in Minnesota! CPR Professionals has just celebrated its 19th year training and we are excited to move into the Lakeville area to offer classes. We customize these courses specifically to the group and have fun realistic scenarios to practice real life emergencies. First Aid classes start at 1:30 pm and take approximately 1.5 hours CPR classes start at 3 pm and take approximately 2 hours Choose from the following classes: BLS Provider: Medical level CPR class for medical professionals. 2 year AHA certificate included. All ages are covered including AED, ambu (artificial manual breathing unit) bag, oxygen, choking and changes for professional rescues. $98 Heartsaver CPR: Non medical CPR class for daycare providers or anyone needing a 2 year AHA certificate. All ages are covered including AED and choking. $86 Same class with no AHA certification (great for parents just wanting CPR knowledge): $63 Heartsaver First Aid: Non medical first aid. You can choose an adult certification or pediatric if you are a daycare provider or just want more information specific to children. We cover numerous scenarios from head injuries to heart attack to seizures to dehydration to so much more. $86 Same class with no AHA certification: $63 Heartsaver CPR/First Aid: Combination class of both gets you a discount price. $150 Same class with no AHA certification: $127