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Aqua Kids 2
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About Aqua Kids 2

Aqua Kids 2

Ages 3 to 5

Participants continue to develop swimming skills and endurance to swim longer distances with floatation. Safety topics include basic water safety, healthy swimming, safe water entry, helping yourself and others in an emergency, use of lifejackets, safe weather conditions for swimming, and waterpark safety. Skills (may be performed with flotation):

  • Jump into chest-deep water and return to the edge of pool
  • Bob underwater, blowing bubbles, 5 times
  • Front float, face in water, 10 sec.
  • Front glide, turn and swim back to the wall, face in water
  • Back float, ears in water, 10 sec.
  • Back glide, roll over, turn and swim back to the wall, ears in water
  • Paddle stroke on front, face in/out of water, 5 yd.
  • Monkey, Tree, Soldier arms, on back, ears in water, 5 yd.

Prerequisite: Completion of Aqua Kids 1 or have equivalent skills.

There are no Aqua Kids 2 courses available for registration.