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  • Youth in Government

    Grades 8-12Interested in discussing important current issues and simulating state government? Then Youth in Government (YIG) is for you!  In YIG, students in grades 8-12 pick an area of interest and then assume the role of legislator, court of appeals lawyer, newspaper reporter, lobbyist, or other government position. Students prepare legislation, debate bills, write court briefs, or dozens of other things as they prepare for their particular role. The program culminates with 4 days of model assembly in January at the Minneapolis Hilton and St. Paul Capitol complex.  For more information, please contact Christine Bye at christine.bye@isd194.org. IMPORTANT : Full registration fee is $505.00. You must register with 2 organizations:1. Registration fee for Youth in Government for Community Education is $80 - pay this fee online, just click "Enroll Now"  This payment is due on Wednesday, October 31.2. Then register with the YMCA at mnyig.org. The fee to the YMCA is $425 You will need to put a deposit down via credit card with the YMCA. Half of the remaining balance will be drawn from that card on November 6 (first Tuesday in November), with the remainder drawn from that card on December 4 (first Tuesday in December). If you have trouble with the YMCA site, please contact their Customer Service Center at (612) 230-9622.