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Mat Rats
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Mat Rats

Ages 5-13 with instructor approval Mat Rats is the first step towards a competitive Xcel gymnastics program. This is an invite only pre team where students work closely with coaches on strength, flexibility, shaping and self-confidence. If you are looking for a challenging gymnastics program, but less of a time commitment than a traditional competitive program, this fun, flexible program is for you. On beam, students will learn cartwheels and handstands, plus jumps and turns. Our coaches will help develop stronger round offs and handstands and will introduce harder skills such as walkovers and handsprings. This class will develop connections during floor routines and basic choreography as well as intermediate skills on bars and vaulting. We are thrilled with the popularity and your support of this program that has enabled us to offer more training options as our dedicated Xcel prep gymnasts advance. This class is 115 minutes.

There are no Mat Rats courses available for registration.