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  • Fencing Grades 2-5

    New and returning students invited. New students will learn fencing basics: advance, retreat, thrust, lunge, etc. Returning students will work on: economy of motion, setup attacks, combination attacks and adding new moves to their skill set. NEW! Everyone will work towards arm-band advancement with the ultimate goal of reaching the ninth level black band! Safety is our first priority. We supply safety swords, protective masks & jackets, and a high-octane, inclusive environment.
  • Fencing Team

    Grades 6-12  New and returning students invited. Youth Enrichment League (YEL) fencing has evolved. Olympic Coach Ro Sobalvarro now heads up YEL’s curriculum, instructor training and tournament consultation. Coach Sobalvarro brings with him an immense knowledge of youth, national and international fencing. We keep it fun, too. Your favorite instructors return with more knowledge, refined coaching skills and, of course, your favorite fencing games and arm bands. Safety is our first priority. We supply safety swords, protective masks, chest plates and jackets, in a high-octane, inclusive environment. Visit www.YouthEnrichmentLeague.com for a more thorough explanation of our fencing program, coaches and philosophy. Sign up today to join this sport deemed the “sport of the intellectual athlete”!