Babysitting and Home Alone
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  • Babysitting 101

    Age 10 1/2-15Gain the skills and confidence to be a great babysitter. This course is fun and fast-paced with hands-on activities, exciting video, role plays and lively discussions. It teaches young people how to: • Care for children and infants • Handle emergencies • Rescue breathing • Communicate effectively with parents • Make good decisions, solve problems and stay safe • Learn business skills such as interviewing for a job Bring a peanut free snack, peanut free lunch and water to class.
  • Home Alone

    Learn information to make sure you're comfortable and safe when staying home alone, whether for five minutes or a couple of hours.  Does your child know what to do in case of a fire? If there is a stranger at the door?  How to use the Internet safely? If they get hungry and want a snack? Our Home Alone class will provide many necessary tools so your child is well-equipped to stay home without an adult.  Kids will make first aid kits and learn about fire escape routes, first aid, kitchen safety, boredom busters & more.  Bring a peanut free snack, markers & pencil.