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    Dog Day Getaway – Puppy Play GroupsDog Day Getaway is a dog daycare and boarding facility that has been open in Apple Valley since 2004. DDG offers 3 different playgroups for puppies to partake in. Playgroups are one hour long, off leash & interactive & include the parents/owners of the dog.Puppy PlaygroupPuppy Playgroup is intended for all puppies ages 12 weeks to 9 months. This is a great opportunity for your pup to develop play skills with both you and other puppies in a safe and supervised environment. This is an off leash event with the owner present.Small Dog PlaygroupSmall Dog Playgroup is for all dogs 30 pounds & under. This is a fun & safe way for the smaller guys to run around with dogs of only their size. This is an off leash event with the owner present.Tiny Tots PlaygroupSometimes even the Small Dog Playgroup is too much for your extra small dog. Tiny Tots was created with those very dogs in mind. This group is specifically for dogs that are only 15 pounds & under. But also a great fit for dogs that are especially shy or nervous. An off leash event with the owner giving the littlest dogs a chance to socialize without being intimidated by the bigger & more energetic dogs.