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  • Whole You Series, with Vivashe

    Empowerment ~ Purpose ~ Possibilities Join us monthly for a new topic based around the Whole You. Each class will inspire you to take Action from the heart not the head, gain new insight and generate new possibilities, ignite your imagination through hands on activities and group connections. Defining Your StrengthsWhy is defining your strengths so important? Discover and define your strengths; begin to make personal and professional choices that will enhance your current and future possibilities. Research shows that focusing on your personal strengths can improve happiness, increase productivity and help to overcome barriers. We will focus on your strengths, gifts and talents. While focusing on your strengths you become more authentic. Walk away with a personal commitment plan for realizing your authentic self.Building TrustWhy is trust such an important part of any relationship? When trust is present there is a personal freedom to be our true selves. Commitment and trust are at the core of all relationships, therefore building relationships rooted at a high level of trust are crucial for us to be our best selves. This work will create awareness on how we respond to the world around us. Enhance connections. Develop growth. Each of us has the ability to approach relationships differently.Defining ValuesWhy is it important to be able to speak/express your values? Honor and align your values and beliefs for your life, both personally and professionally. Without having defined values there is a lack of self-awareness, uncertainty, and a feeling of disconnection. Walk away with a defined list of values.How to Develop Your Own Personal BrandWhy develop a personal brand? Your personal brand represents what you stand for, defines who you are and sets your apart. Personal brand is expressed through your profession, skills, communication and your style. Leave feeling like you understand the importance of real world perception both personally and professionally. This will lead you to develop a greater sense of self and will create momentum in your life.Expanding Your CreativityWhy is creativity so important to our development? Creativity can be defined as the governing force in humanity - an innate function of the mind. It is at its essence an outward expression of an inward thought or emotion. Creativity is more than arts and crafts, it is in each of us we just need to find ways of tapping into it. You will walk away with a list of ideas to expand your creativity.