CrossFit L.I.F.E

L.I.F.E stands for Longevity In Functional Efficiency and its aim is to demonstrate that no one is too old or out of shape to benefit from the basic CrossFit principles of utilizing a variety of functional movements to enhance quality and quantity of their lives. 50 years of age or older encouraged, but ages 18+ welcome.

As in our regular classes, L.I.F.E offers safe, effective workouts - a "gentile" version of CrossFit with more emphasis on mobility and longevity and less on competition and intensity. We start where you are and take you to more than you thought you could. Many doctors recommend weight training to build bone density and cardio to help with brain health. We get to do both in these classes!

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  Kristy Anderson

Crosswinds CrossFit
Tue/Thu, Apr 2 - Apr 25
9:00 - 9:45 AM


Price: $ 89 00

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